Don’t Waste Your life

Your life is so much precious than you think so why waste it on things that are not going to last for long? There are so many things that are giving you a pleasure just for the moment or for just a short period of time, so focus on what He can give you, a lasting and eternal joy, the sense of belonging and knowing Whose you are, and who He is. The Saviour who laid down His life and shed His blood only so you can have a free access to heaven, to Him, an eternal life in His presence and a Father who will never disappoint you in any situation.


Half a year ago, God gave me the chance to visit America and work as a camp counselor for the summertime, and since I’ve always felt that my calling is to work with children, I decided to do it. At that moment I did not have any resources and it all seemed impossible, I only had to trust Him, and He was faithful.  I am so thankful for all my family and friends, brothers and sisters in Christ who have always kept me in their prayers.

So here I am today, two months have passed already since I came to America and God has richly blessed me, now that I look back. I didn’t have any confidence that I would pass the job interview, that I would be able to get here, to work with children, to work with horses, in a new environment and new country, and truth be told, my faith was small as well ( “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Mattew 17:20). But God has provided, that’s how Amazing and wonderful Father he is! He gave me wonderful memories and good friends and he made me discover myself.

I had moments when I felt homesick and lonely, angry and disappointed and all I wanted to do is just go back home. But I realised what I was missing because every day I had a busy schedule I didn’t make any time for being quiet and steady in His presence, for praying, reading and just being ready to listen. Some recent conversations with a good friend, made me understand my real, spiritual needs, I needed time alone with Him. Here in this place where I am not able to meet with my church and have worship services and youth group meetings, is where I need Him the most. But this is my opportunity to discover Him more, to become more dependent to His love, mercy and faithfulness. Because He is all of these qualities and much more than we can ever imagine with our own human minds.


Relationships, feelings, praises, awards and friendships don’t last, but only He does, and His unfailing love and faithfulness towards us. I hope that if you read this short message you will feel encouraged to look more and try to find Him more in every little thing. He deserves our full attention and our life. He can bless you more than you can imagine, and He can give you dreams and desires that look impossible, but through Him everything is possible.

If you ever feel alone, just remember to look up and pay attention, He is always with you. Maybe my words don’t make sense to you or they seem just words, or you just don’t understand. But let Him show you how wonderful and good He is. If you are ever in need of a friend, He can be your friend; if you need a family, He can show you what a real family is if you feel in need of a Saviour and new target in your life, go to Him.


Be blessed and encouraged today!

Binecuvantari nemasurate

Aceasta postare este pentru toate fetele care se confrunta cu probleme, cu teama, cu ingrijorari,cu necredinta in El si cu neincrederea in sine. Vreau sa va reamintesc ca sunteti speciale,frumoase, pretuite si iubite  neconditionat de Cel care va creat , de Regele vostru si nu in ultimul rand , de Tatal vostru cel ceresc. Nu aveti nevoie de un baiat care sa va spuna aceste lucruri, desi noi uneori avem impresia aceasta ,noi am fost creati cu o nevoie sufleteasca, insa El e singurul care ne poate umple pe deplin, pentru ca El e cel care a pus dorinta aceasta in noi. Asadar , draga mea , lasa-te umpluta de bucurie , de pace, de dragoste si de prezenta Lui care este cea mai minunata!

Fiecare zi este un dar, insa depinde de tine cum il folosesti, ca sa iti satisfaci eul tau sau sa il lauzi  si sa traiesti pentru Cel care a murit ca tu sa ai viata si sa o ai din plin, sa nu iti lipseasca nimic. Din biblie invatam ca bunatatile Lui se innoiesc in fiecare dimineata, si vedem asta inca din primele momente cand ne trezim, putem respira, putem vedea soarele care ne zambeste si ne incalzeste cu razele sale.

Uitandu-ma la viata mea dezastruasa, distrusa de pacat, realizez ca numai mana Lui a fost acolo cu mine in cele mai grele incercari si pot sa spun ca si atuci cand am cazut, El a fost acolo sa ma ridice si sa ma binecuvinteze cum nici nu mi-am imaginat, am vazut miracole in viata mea si in viata familiei mele. Cand iti pui increderea in Dumnezeu, El poate schimba totul , incepand cu tine si sfarsind cu situatia in care te afli. El este cel care tine totul in control si nimic nu se face fara voia Lui. El avea un plan cu viata ta , dinaite sa te nasti tu, El te cunostea, dinainte ca lumea sa existe, El te iubea si te iubeste si te va iubi! Esti pretioasa in ochii Lui. El a dat pe singurul Lui fiu, doar ca tu sa traiesti azi si sa fi parte din familia Lui, El te’a adoptat in familia Lui si zi de zi iti face parte de binecuvantari pe care tu nici nu le meriti, doar pentru ca te iubeste asa cum esti, cu imperfectiunile tale, cu defectele tale.


Asa ca azi zambeste mai mult, indeplineste-ti visele, fi multumitoare si adu-ti aminte cine esti!

Capul sus, printeso! 🙂 :*


“Bunătăţile* Domnului nu s-au sfârşit, îndurările Lui nu sunt la capăt, ci se înnoiesc în fiecare* dimineaţă. Şi credincioşia Ta este atât de mare!” Plangerile lui Ieremia 3:22-23


Încrede-te în Domnul din toată inima ta şi nu te bizui pe înţelepciunea ta. Recunoaşte-L* în toate căile tale, şi El îţi va netezi cărările.” Proverbe 3 :5-6


1. Roagă-te pentru țara ta.2. Fă o prioritate din familia ta. 3. Muncește ca să trăiești cinstit. 4. Fii implicat în biserica ta. 5. Iubește-ți aproapele ca pe tine însuți. 6. Slujește-i pe cei mai neînsemnați. 7. Ai grijă de finanțele tale. 8. Împărtășește Evanghelia cu alții. 9. Fă ucenici începând din casa ta. 10. […]


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Patriotismul este sentimentul de mândrie că ceva frumos s-a întâmplat în țara ta. Așa spunea Suchianu, cel care a tradus în limba franceză Miorița. Când mă gândesc la România, nu știu dacă să fiu mândru, dar sigur o iubesc așa cum este. Henry Coandă, în octombrie 1910, la Paris, prezenta lumii primul motor cu reacție, […]

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New Year! Start planning…:)

What are you going to do in this new year? Did you already made some plans? Because you should.

I wish that this year will bring you more joy and happiness in your life!

You should love more,you should forgive more, you should show mercy, you should dream more, travel more and also do all the things that you most like to do.

Read whatever you get, sing from all your heart, dance, smile as much as you can, encourage someone, make new friends, find time to discover yourself !

This year, do your best in everything, be more confident in yourself, be more grateful for what you have including friends and family, your dear ones. Find time to discover and trust more God!

Give more, worry less, trust more, speak less, listen more and judge less! Let all the good things that are inside you to go out, reveal them.

Be yourself, more than you have been in the last moths or years. Don’t be afraid to show yourself to the world! Don’t be afraid or ashamed to say sorry or thank you!

Have fun! Have a pijama party, cook more, develop relationships,do a fire camp and eat some marshmallows! Say some jokes, laugh out loud,look more for the beauty around you, upon a child face, in the sun, the sea , the trees, flowers, rain and snow….

Let it be the most beautiful year in your life! 🙂




To you, to the person that is hiding behind your smile

Why are you worried about today?  Why are you disheartened? Why are you crying?You have a broken heart?

As children, as daughters of the Almighty God, we always suppose to rejoice in Him, to be filled by his presence and to always overflow by his love, and that to be seen all over our face, in our acts, in our words and in our thoughts, also.

You feel that nobody loves you? You think that if just one guy doesn’t like you back, then you are ugly? You are unworthy?

Then let me tell you this: you are special, you are loved, you are beautiful, you are smart, you are unique, you are you. And you know why? Because you are made in the image of God, in the image of the Creator of this Universe and because He calls you His child. You understand what privilege do you have to be loved by This King? He loves you so much, that He sent His only son to die for you so that you can now be part of His family, so you can be saved and have a relationship with Him.And above all, now you can talk with him about all your worries, all your problems and He can free you if you give Him all your burdens.

(1 Peter 5:7 ” Cast your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”)

My dears, for today, don’t forget to smile, to be a blessing, to encourage and to love!!